Thursday, 12 January 2012

Bridlington Groynes

I like the patterns made by the groynes, on the North Shore at Bridlington. There are only a couple on the South Shore

What is a groyne?
A groyne is a rigid  structure built from an ocean shore that interrupts water flow and limits the movement of sediment. In the ocean, groynes create beaches, or avoid having them washed away by longshore drift. Ocean groynes run generally perpendicular to the shore, extending from the upper foreshore or beach into the water. The areas between groups of groynes are groyne fields. Groynes are generally made of wood, concrete, or rock piles, and placed in groups. They are often used in tandem with seawalls. Groynes, however, may cause a shoreline to be perceived as unnatural and unattractive

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